Ok so now what?

Here is how a typical description goes.

You have probably heard something like "four over five" to describe a boat. What this means is a four layer deck and a five layer hull. This description does not include additional reinforcements. Good hull construction includes selective reinforcement in areas that get more beating.

So what the hell does G/P/P/K/S mean?

Laminates are described by their layers. Each letter is an abbreviation for a material.

G is glass (E glass)

S is S glass

P is polyester but can also mean Cap.â

K is Kevlarä

C is Carbon graphite

Sometimes the laminate will be described from the inside out. It is usually more practical to describe from the outside in.

So a deck that that is described as G/P/G/K would mean that under the gel coat is a layer of glass, then polyester, and then glass and kevlar on the inside.

Putting different cloths next to each other in a laminate will achieve different results in tensile strengths, sheer strength, elongation and other variables. There is only a handful of research that is published in this field. We will be happy to explain some of this to you but will not go into detail about the exact weights and weaves inside the lay-up. The exact description of the laminate is proprietary.

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