Some notes on custom cutting

With the Angst the volume of cut will not be a big factor in the ease of cartwheels due to the torque you get from the shortness of the boat. You have a signifignant leverage advantage in a short boat making a super small cut not necessary for easy cartwheels.

Volume (or lack of it rather) will be a big advantage in mystery and mush moves. The lower the cut though the less displacement you will have for your weight. The less displacement you have the higher speed you will need to plane out on a wave. What this means is that your stern will be broken into the back of wave more making your cuts not quite as loose and slippery and flat spinning a little bit harder. You also lose more secondary stability the smaller you go making for a twitchy feel if you go to low.

If you want a wicked small cut this is totally possible. The limiting factor will be your shoe size. The foot bumps on the Angst are a good inch bigger than the closest similar boat so it can be cut very small if you like.

The full cut Angst is what I would consider a "Medium" cut for 190 lbs. The preferred cut for myself for competition (as low as physically possible) is just shy of 1 inch out of the hull. I am 165 lbs 32 in inseam and size 8 1/2 shoe.


Roughly speaking consider 190 lbs for a full cut and subtract 1/4 inch for every 15 lbs. that you are less than 190 to arrive at a medium cut for your weight. Then scale up or down depending on your aggressiveness.

If you tell us what you are looking for as far as how aggressive of a cut you are looking for your weight we can get pretty right on for what you are looking for off our charts without having to float test you.

Custom cutting and float testing for your weight is completely not necessary. All boats are built by a master glasser with 15 years experience and 8 years experience chopping squirt boats down. Call us and we will get a cut that is right for you.