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NRG party

Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:29 am

Come one, come all. Zombie Horde invades Fayettenam starting Thursday june 29, 2017. Besides gorge runs, note these options:

NRG runs--do you know where the Splat room is? How about the seam right below railroad? Downriver always a good time.

Mellow ledge will be a bit underpowered but park and sinkable.

Kanawha Falls seam could drop another 1000 cfs to be pretty $$$, or will we discover a new top end?

Sandstone Falls needs probing "if you can see the convergence from outer space you know it's gotta be good".

Gauley lower water spots to park and play via 4x4 access river left:

Tumblehome looks like it would still give it up down into 400-500 cfs.

First ledge below Iron Ring has a crisp eddyline with whirlpools shearing off every 4 seconds.

Perfect wave: good surfing, clue out for 5 second rides. Also bikinis.

Ender Wave (first rapid below Woods Ferry) has reports of a strong convergence all the way down to 200 cfs.

Canyon Doors/Junkyard. Boogie board or spud boat, party scene. Junkyard seemed to have changed a bit from a few years ago, but worth putting the glass in between 700-1500.

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