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Fiberglass boat design catalog

Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:46 pm

Are there any resources online of fiberglass boat designs? Designer/builder/year/specs? I saw a guy on the New at Halls a few years back in a boat he called the "Blade Runner" and can't find anything online about it. He hit the biggest stern squirt I've ever seen and I'll bet the boat was 12ft long. It would be cool if we could compile the evolution of glass in a timline oriented format.

Re: Fiberglass boat design catalog

Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:46 pm

I wish there was some sort of resource like that. I suspect the closest thing you will find would be the print editions of the Snyder squirt book and the Wallbridge boat building manual.

I keep this board going partly because there is a big chunk of history that is slipping through our fingers that should be preserved and I want there to be a platform for that.

The reality we are in today is if you can't google it and find it in the digital world then it doesn't exist. 10 years from now the only history of the lineage of squirt boating that exists will be what you can find from an internet search.

Two things that I am continuing to search for in my own belongings and I hope that someone might find one day that I think are pivotal to our history are the print version of the New Wave catalog, and the edition of American Whitewater that had the cover picture of the Cat's Pajama's crew with many of the original gangsters like Doug Wellman, Woody Calloway, Jimmy S and, Francis with his crazy ass boat with chain grab loops and skulls all over the graphics.

Re: Fiberglass boat design catalog

Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:04 pm

After an hour of thumbing through the Squirt Book/Squirt Boating & Beyond, trying to knock some old knowledge out of my brain, and a fair amount of guess work, here's my best-estimate squirt boat design timeline . I know I'm missing some boats that used to be up on the PSC and MW sites before they both went offline, that I'm totally missing the evolution of C1 squirt boats, and that there are a bunch of regional gems I'm not listing or even aware of, but it's a start:

• ~1980: Slice (Snyder)
• 1982: Trice > Forth > Bounty > Bound Too (Snyder), Millennium Falcon (Whittemore)
• 1983: Baby Arc > Arc 2 – 6 (Snyder)
• Early '80s: Cyborg, Sylon, Blaster (all Whittemore)
• 1984: Sparc (Snyder), Ride (Snyder)
• 1985: Wide Ride (Snyder), Plane aka Playn (Snyder) > Jet (Snyder)
• 1986: Projet (Snyder)
• 1987(?): Thunderbird (Snyder)
• 1988(?): Bigfoot (Snyder)
• Mid-late '80s: Vulcan (Lawson), Extrajet (Watauga Laminates w/ Snyder influence)
• Early '90s: Prize (Snyder), Shred (Snyder), Maestro (Snyder), Strangeflow (Cassidy/O’Neill), Wild Thing (Cassidy/O’Neill)
• 1996: Voodoo Rocket (Nicholson)
• 1997: Angst (Zitzow)
• Mid '90s: Hissdog (Hildreth), Wishbone (Hildreth), Sin & Drain (Phillips)
• 1998: Fantum (Snyder), Hellbender/Underdawg/Fish (Snyder)
• 2000: Asylum/Sneaker/Shimmer (Snyder)
• 2002: Whirld (Snyder), Funk/Skunk (Villecourt)
• 2003: Wisper/Shimmer (Snyder)
• 2004: Urge (Zitzow)
• 2006: KOR (Snyder)
• 2007: Ninja (Snyder), Soft KOR/Ninja (Snyder), Shy KOR/Ninja (Snyder/Schreiner)
• Mid ‘00s: Maelstrom (Laucks)
• 2009: Slip (Snyder)
• 2011: Slide (Snyder)
• 2016: Kaze (Snyder)

I haven't been in the boating game nearly as long as some and am still a relative tadpole when it comes to squirting, so I'd welcome correction/contribution from some more knowledgeable folks.

Re: Fiberglass boat design catalog

Fri Dec 18, 2020 1:32 pm

3+ years later, a crew of us have been working on creating a squirt boat database (as a part of a larger whitewater boat database): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 5hZmOAH6s/ (or here's the splash page, if a going straight to a google doc link seems scary: https://www.whitewaterkayaks.info/squirt-boats)

Still lots of work to do and information to find (any help is much appreciated!), but as far as I can tell, this is the most comprehensive collection of squirt boat designs, designers, and stats (albeit without pictures) sitting around on the internet today. The main sources were the 1988 and 1992 New Wave Catalogs (which Eric now has copies of), the archived PS Composites website, the Murky Water website, and some discussions with Jim, but lots of other people have contributed as well.
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