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Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:53 am

What are the details for World's this year? Saturday Event? Base Camp, Food Trucks? Thanks

Re: World's?

Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:07 am

Pretty sure that Saturday is this big dance, but I bet people will be "training" days before. As for other logistics here's an excerpt of what a certain Jeremy Pou had to say over the course of several facebook posts (hopefully he won't mind my sharing):

Camping for the event has been locked in.

Reliance Fly and Tackle
588 Childers Creek Rd
Reliance, TN 37369
United States

Located half way between the take out and put in.

Wednesday and Thursday nights we have half the sites booked and Friday night through Sunday we have the entire place. Plenty of room for everyone. And everyone’s stuff.

Cost for camping is $15 / person / night.

Reliance fly and tackle is is a full service store with everything you will need. Food, beer, ice, they cook breakfast, have awesome fresh made deli selections, and will serve BBQ on sat night ($11.00 / plate). They will even have a band for Sat night that will play for tips.

Hung out there today and I think it will be a perfect spot to host the event.

I recommend not buying much of anything in advance, especially beer. They have a great selection and an ample amount.

The Leslie is best accessed by inflatable craft ( raft, ducky, etc ). There’s also a great trail that accessed the spot (1.0-1.5 miles ). Locals should have plenty of room in their crafts for our out of town brothers and sisters but if you’re local and have never been here please bring river transportation for you and your glass companion.

Sinking and hanging out at the Leslie:

As stated in 2013, there is no alcohol allowed on the river. I don’t recall the fine but it’s something like $50 per beer they find. If rangers fine someone it could jeopardize the event.

It’s obvious, but weed is illegal in TN and that includes the river. If illegal substances are found by the rangers it could jeopardize the event.

PDFs are required while swimming or Kayaking on the river. I’ve tried for years to fight this battle for years but have been unsuccessful in convincing the rangers that we are not swimming or kayaking. I recommend that you wear a Ringer. This has proven to be successful for most of our squirt boating existence on this river and the ocoee. Not sure what will happen if this issue comes up...

There is no official event or competition. If someone’s asks you about a comp or worlds I recommend you respond by saying that we are simply gathering as a group of close friends to hang out and boat together. Large events are not allowed without permit on the river or in the Cherokee national forest.

I don’t feel that we will have any issues but I do expect to see rangers and have to speak with them while in the river about what we are doing.

If rangers are present they do have the right to search your rafts for alcohol and illegal substances. Be nice....

Again, this was all communicated in 2013 I just want to remind everyone of some things to consider.

Re: World's?

Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:52 am

August 3rd?

Re: World's?

Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:39 pm

Yessir, Saturday, August 3
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