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 Post Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:54 pm 

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Hey Yall,

Been paddling a long time. Only owned 2 glass boats.One was a chopped down slalom of sorts the other was an angst I picked up super used and sold a few years later because my feet didn’t quite reach the foot bumps. Loved paddling that angst even as painful as it was. I finally am at a level of financial stability to possibly get a custom cut. Wondering how much these cost these days sounds like murky waters or ps composites are still possibilities. Just trying to gather a little more info. I would also go used if it was i. Good shape and fit. But I almost never see squirt boats for sale. Thanks!

 Post Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:00 pm 

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Assuming you're in North America (and really anywhere), the hottest/only games in town are PS Composites (PS let the website lapse years ago, but you can call Paul at 724-329-4413--your odds are better in the morning and if you're persistent) and Murky Water ( If you're in Europe, Mega could be a closer option, but--for my money--it's worth the trouble to get a PS or MW boat.

Ed had a fire at his shop about 4 years ago, so MW doesn't have the breadth of designs it used to; for squirt boats from MW, I think your options are Ninja (+ a 2.0 version of the Soft Ninja with the divots in the hull filled in), Slip, Kaze, and maybe Stealth, but Ed can tell you for sure. PS still has his full quiver of molds.

You definitely shouldn't take these as gospel, but I think a new boat from MW will run you ~$1,800; all in with the float cut, etc. from PS, I think you're looking at more like ~$2,200+. Obviously, layup, graphics, extras, etc. all factor into the price from either Paul or Ed.

Do you want a full-on destination sinker or are you trying to dabble in some downriver? What's your size/shape (inseam, possibly knee-to-toe measurement, foot size, weight, etc.)? If your feet weren't into the bumps on an Angst, it sounds like the shorter inseam designs will be more to your taste. And where are you located? New designs--call it KOR/Ninja or newer--don't pop up all that often, but there are plenty of used boats changing hands these daze.

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